Week One Down!

So I made it through the first week of my half marathon training. Achy, bruised, and sore that I am, I made it.

I’m following the basic layout of a Hal Hidgon Novice plan, which calls for 6 days of activity a week: 3 runs (including a long run), 2 cross training days (one short, one  longer), and two strength training days (one to be done on a running day). I won’t be starting the actual Hal Hidgon Half plan until later in the summer, but I wanted to get in the swing of things when it comes to working out 6 days a week. My running plan right now is the Bridge to 10K program.

Monday: Short Cross Training. I did this on the treadmill at the gym. 30 minutes running with a couple of short (1-2 minute) walk breaks plus a warm-up and cool-down.

Tuesday: Running.  Bridge to 10K, Week 1, Day 1. Easy peasy. Which was an enormous relief, because I had a very hard time running for 10 minutes straight a few months ago.

Wednesday: Strength Training. With my trainer Zach. He doesn’t do weight machines. It’s all body weight exercises with things like hand weights and medicine balls thrown in. Wednesday was squats+medicine ball lifts, pushups+dips, and planks. Then he made me do a 40 minute hill walk on the treadmill. My legs were trying to detach themselves from my body. And then I ate grapes like a crazy person.

Thursday: Rest day. I was so sore I ended up doing some old lady yoga (Yoga for Aches and Pains streamed from Netflix). I also stretched out my lower body with my foam roller. It hurt so good Dustin thought I was dying. I was.

Friday: Running + Strength. Bridge to 10k, Week 1, Day 2. It was hot. And I ate too closely to running so this run was incredibly hard. I ran really slowly (about a minute/mile slower than I usually do) and just struggled the whole time. My legs were still incredibly sore from training on Wednesday, and I just felt heavy. My lungs were okay, but I was so hot. I also had major chafing issues. Major. And that’s not what you want to deal with when you pass the Lakeside High’s girl’s cross country team starting their practice. But I powered through and completed the run. I wanted to jump in the river. But instead went straight to training with Zach. One-legged dumbbell curls and lifts+half pushups, these amazing pull-up things on the ropes system+gorilla rope slams, and plank sets (normal and side. Ow).

Saturday: Cross training. This was a 12-mile birthday bike ride at the canal with my husband and brother. I crashed my Huffy into my brother and landed in a honeysuckle bush that’d been overtaken by briars. Landed ass over handlebars and am scraped all to hell. Laughed as I washed off the blood with my water bottle. I’m sporting a righteous bruise on my knee. Best day ever.

Sunday: (Long run). Bridge to 10K, Week 1, Day 3. Hard, but not as hard as Friday. The Run, Zombies! app makes any run fun, no matter how heavy your body feels. I know $8 is expensive for an app, but if you have a few extra sheckles and you want to have a good time, get it. The development team is extra cool.

Goals for this week: being more positive. I was pretty negative about training this week, especially after Wednesday when I hurt so badly. I started trying to be more energetic about everything on Friday and it really makes a huge difference. Eating clean. Now that we’ve gone grocery shopping it’s on like Donkey Kong (sorry). There is approximately 80 pounds of greenery in my fridge right now and I’m really excited to eat it.

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